I am Always a Depressed Dreamer

Mon, 07/28/2014 - 12:05 -- ww326


I am always a depressed dreamer

I am always depressed by the powers

Benefits always equip hunters

Safety always promotes slaughters

I always wonder if the powers are manufacturers of nightmares

I am always a depressed dreamer


At night I am always a life saver

Blood is always my most intimate family member

But I always believe that breaking up with this member is better

Global citizens along the roads to hospitals are always my best partners

But when the alarm rings, everything, including myself, always disappears

I am always a depressed dreamer


We are the world that the powers don't always care

Always wearing suits and ties doesn't make you look nicer

Using forks and knives for human flesh is a crime forever

Napkins can't clean your mouths whatsoever

Despite fullness, you keep eating more

Please be aware that one day you will suffer


I am always a depressed dreamer

But one day the world is going to be the winner

When all the global citizens are always together 


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