Dear You,

Do you remember that day,
such a long time ago?
When we first met,
hearts not yet filled with woe.
I do remember that day,
clear as can be.
Your eyes said forever,
all eternity.
In my innocence,
I followed your word.
The words of compassion,
those that did not hurt.
In you I saw my happy,
I was content with no care. 
Then it all came crashing,
my heart shattered and frail.
Perhaps it was me,
what I could not face.
I considered myself disgusting,
a sinful disgrace.
It took all my strength to tell,
I was shaking in fear.
When mom came home,
she lent me an ear.
She embraced me there,
filled me once more with love.
I thought you could give that,
but love wasn't enough.
"You did nothing wrong,"
she said, tears in her eyes.
She was right, I did not,
that couldn't stop my cries.
See, when she married you,
I thought long and hard.
We'll finally have a family,
a wonderful wild card.
You went around,
threw it all away.
By using me for pleasure,
having your way.
Since that time,
mom made you leave.
She put you in your place,
beyond any belief.
Even now, years later,
I see you around.
But I don't carry the weight,
and never a frown.
Yes, you broke me,
hurt me so much.
That's because I wanted a family,
a kind life touch.
I hoped you could give that,
I was so wrong.
It's all okay now though,
I sing a new song.
My siblings and mother,
they're all I need,
I don't need someone else,
no one to lead.
Not a dad,
or any other man.
Just my family,
sweetly taking my hand.
I'm better today,
not thanks to you.
It's because of my family,
I know what to do.
I'll cherish and love,
all the genuine ones.
Leave behind those that hurt me,
relieve heavy soul tons.
People like you?
They may never change.
But people like me,
we are out of range.
We are the backbone,
that make up this world.
So many strong ones,
with stories still untold.
One by one,
they will ignite like me.
Be the unflinching beautiful,
so that all can see.
They are not broken,
and neither am I.
We are the stars,
born to soar so high.
If you ever read this,
know what you left behind.
A resilient woman,
with a powerful stride.
I am strong and amazing,
part of something you could've had.
Now I have to go and live life,
farewell my ex step-dad.
May life treat you well,
or as good as it gets.
I will tread on,
with no worries or regrets.
I have my story to tell,
and those who will hear.
I won't let pain bring me down,
I am present to steer.
Have a wonderful life,
and a wonderful day.
I know I will,
I'll always be okay.

a survivor.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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