Raisins and Crystal Stairs

 We worked, long ,hard nights... diligently.

I remember waiting up for you to get home, not even tall enough to let you in. Understanding enough to know what you were doing, working for me, for us. How could I let you end your night alone?

You provided because you knew how hard it would be. You went without just so your tribe might eat.

Things were always hard for you, right? I mean, you did remind us every chance you got about how McDonalds was a delicacy for you growing up. We would laugh at the thought all night.

We grew to understand, to appreciate the things you did, the way you put your dreams on hold, so you could give a dream life to your kids.

This "by any means necessary" work ethic has been engrained in my heart. I appreciate the way you've been there from the beginning. You will never know the love I have for this genetic art.

Your life was hard, but you made sure ours wasn't. You made sure we knew humitlity, the value of a dollar, manners, and God first. I'd choose this dark back path, the one you have to work to climb every time over a crystal staircase..because of you.





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