I don’t know where I’m going, but how I get there’s up to me

I give myself extra time for things I need to complete

I still search for my four-leaf clover in a field of threes

Looking carefully for the fourth which doesn’t belong

But on these journeys and the more that are to come

I shall never get lost; because I won’t care where I am

Because I know I’ll get where I need to be eventually

I’ll use my eight crucial senses along the way

Touching the textures of diverse situations

Smelling the aroma of beauty and the horrors attached to life

Hearing the melodies of love and loss and accepting them

Tasting the sweet flavor of karma and consequence

Opening my eyes to the mistakes of the past for a better present

Without allowing my common sense to go to waste  

But it has to use my intuition as foundation

With its extension being my ungrounded empathy

Which is why it will also need the book sense through it all

No sense is without help from another; they’re a community

My future’s compass; my village for my upbringing

You see? This is not madness; it is creation; it is life…

…tis MY life… so lucky me


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