Make Me Again

Then my life started to fall apart...


Good friends


Good looking

It was all in my hands

But it was falling out of His grasp.

Nothing started to feel the same

I was the spotlight of my life instead of Him

I got caught up in the attention

Filled up with praise that it pushed out His purpose.

No longer was I living to fulfill what His plans are for me...

But for my plans to have babies with the man of my dreams.

And then my life began to fall apart.

When someone becomes apart of you, you feel everything they feel.

The sting of rejection

And the agony of betrayal for something so temporary that it is almost unreal,

I simply am not ready.

Not yet finished being molded into the masterpiece I am destined to be.

All of these things I have now will soon fall into place.....when my mind is ready.

So now, God I ask that You renew in me a right Spirit.

The Spirit that craves you before I even wake up.

The Spirit that falls to sleep in Your embrace.

The Spirit that thinks about You constantly everyday.

The Spirit where I am Yours, and You are mine.


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