Poetry is Peace


With every closing of my eye,

It opens to the scary world.

I see hate and fear towards one another.

We no longer work hand in hand,

But dog eat dog.


The fight for success,

It is slowly ruining us.

Man-kind thrives on achieving,

Even if a friend has to be hurt.


With every breath I inhale,

I suffocate more and more.

Illegal activities ruining lives of the young.

Trading clothes, lunches for drugs

And toys, school supplies for money


The problems start young,

The parents to blame.

They leave writing at school,

And treat it like nothing.


Hand them a handgun and some drugs,

They know exactly what to do.

Hand them a journal and a pen,

and they have not the slightest a clue.


The sounds I hear,

Are cries for help.

We are living in pain as a country,

All helpless and waiting for change.


Change is a group effort,

no one can do it alone.

Change is done by the pen,

which is much mightier than the sword.


We do what we know,

Because we are afraid.

People around the nation,

Are telling us how to live, to feel.


If we opened a book,

We would find raw, developed emotions.

When we open the news paper,

We find dramatised ractions.


If we invest emotions in a notebook

as opposed to a society,

the only judgement we seek

is that satisfaction of our own.


Too small, too big, too dumb, too smart,

The list is infinite.

Society is too caught up in status,

We want to be better than the rest.


Too long, too short, not flowing, just right,

The list is infinite.

Our journals are never caught up in status,

We want each poem better than the last.


The constant pressure for perfection,

That's what is holding us back.

To change the world, to find peace,

We must write our way out of this mess we have created.


Peace through poetry,

Love through friends,

Acceptance from oneself,

And that is why I write.


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