Ready For A Fight

I do not care for violence

Yes, you heard me right

But if you hurt a friend of mine

Then get ready for a fight


I was raised on stones and firewood

With hot coals beneath my feet

My skin’s a coat of scar tissue

So you’ll never see me bleed


Though I really don’t like conflict

In the day or dark of night

But if you break someone I love

Best be ready for a fight


I try my best to live in peace

and to always be the light

But the world keeps pulling at my strings 

And the noose is gettin tight


Sometimes it seems to stop my breath

and I panic to get free

Then I would do most anything

So let go and let me breathe


Oh, you think it’s funny

You think what you do is right?

Well if you really feel that way

Best get ready for a fight


It’s wrong to hurt somebody 

Or walk by someone in need

To kick them when they’ve fallen down

When they’re cryin on their knees


Boy you’ve got a lot to learn

Better lose that appetite

Cause if I catch you here again

Best get ready for a fight


Your hatred will consume you

Like a nasty parasite

And if you never learn the cure

Best get ready for a fight


For despite my calm demeanor

I’m a stick of dynamite

So if I see you hurt again

I’ll be ready to ignite


Thought your plan was watertight?

Best get ready for a fight


Thought my bark would beat my bite?

Best get ready for a fight


So I’ll give my warning one last time

Best get ready for a fight.

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