Senseless Discrimination

Wed, 12/03/2014 - 12:48 -- Armyant


A gentle hand is far more fair

Than a fist raised in violence

A understanding reaps more rewards

Than ignorance and intolerance

Our skin is different shades of brown

Why argue over the same color

You may think theres a difference now

Until you've truly tried to understand one another

A woman can work her share

And outdo the best of men

Yet why should this make you glare

Their independence is no sin

Love is love

Unbridled, unmatched

Even love

Between the same sex

Our hearts are worthy of equal loving

Pain, maytr, war, and peace

Then war again

All because of the question 

Of Superiority

All around me is discrimination

If I could but reach out my hand

And wave away prejudice

Get rid of hate from flimsy things

And create a world of equality

If I could change the world!

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