It did not feel like

It did not feel like it should be snowing,

but it was.

The air was almost warm,

my jacket was open.

Walking along the dark dirt path

I saw

for a moment

what felt like a miracle.

Tall trees arched up to the sky,

birch, pine, and fir.

Nested atop was a canopy of brushy sage

and evergreen leaves, 

through which

Dappled light scattered

and made it seem as though

fine silver shavings 

were descending from the atmosphere,

floating on air

as if time had slowed.

But it was only a moment,

A second in time,

Before a milky gray cloud rolled overhead

and the shavings were again turned white.

I then felt 

each snow flake kiss my cheeks

one at a time,

melting away

as I continued walking down the dark dirt path.

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Our world
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