How To Wear A Scarve

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 13:24 -- zohak

It's funny how
If I wear a scarf on my neck
People don't give me a second glance

It's funny how
If I wear a scarf like a headband
People don't give me the look
As if I'm a rare circumstance
Just by the way I happen to style
The scarf

But what happens
When I cover my dark brown hair
With a scarf

I'm the elephant in the room
A needle in a haystack
The cat among the dogs

I'm the Muslim
Among the Non-Muslims

I'm different
Not the good kind of different

The bad kind
The one that messes with your mind
The one thats a terroist

All because of the damn scarf
And when I take it off the next day
Our friendship is okay

That's fake

Don't go telling me you were afraid
When Amanda over there has the same scarf
I paid for
And yet when she ties it around her neck
You still ask her how her day was

I am sick
Of all this nonsense.

I want my scarf on my head
And if you don't like it
Damn you



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