Tally Marks (Rap)


(poems go here)Let this be a token, I leave the mic smoking

 One with the track yeah the word is spoken

The city leaves you broken eyes get swollen

 You just want to cry till your whole body soaking

But keep your eyes open, don’t miss the present

Keep your head strong and just learn you lesson

The pad is my doctor it feels like a session

Asking about the things I’m too afraid to mention

Stomping the yard in my pumped up kicks

Cruising through life coz I can’t do tricks

Getting caught up in the dreams and the glamour

And forgot about the pain, the struggle and the culture

I robbed my people like I was a vulture

To the church I’m a sinner but to God I’m a soldier

I try to be a man but it’s real easy to slip

When I see a pretty girl and I want to see her step

Remind me of my past and it still makes me trip

But imam keep going spill my heart out my lips



I’m speaking to the man selling drugs to the kids

And the ones in the streets pulling guns on the pigs

Like why is there a ghetto, does anyone care?

But I would know coz I’m not from there

But hear it all the time in some gangster rap lyrics

Talking about the world and saying you should fear it

Makes me wonder why we hate so much

Then I think back when I had no love

For a kid wearing red coz he repped another set

Even though I didn’t bang I had mad respect

For the dudes wearing blue coz they were so cool

But if I kicked with them it would put me to death

Whenever I look down, I glance at my arms

I wonder if my scars can become tally marks

Tell me where to start, tell me where I’m headed

Excuse me for the mess, but thank me for the message

And I dear God I pray, keep my homeboys safe

The church may save or lead us astray

So why we hurt our mothers by the things we say

When we all for short, just pave the way

A one way ticket a great escape,

All the pain and the hate, got to go away


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