Poem of the Sun


Oh sun, Oh sun

How he does rise

To watch the cheerful play,

See him illuminate the skies,

And hide before each day,

Oh sun, oh sun

What warmth he brings,

To ever leaf and flower,

See as he wakes the birds to sing,

And tell us of his power

Oh sun, oh Sun

How you defeat

The shadows of the night,

And cast your glow upon this world,

To everything's delight,

Oh sun, Oh sun,

I humbly thank

For giving me the right,

To see earths many treasures,

And marvel at the sight,

The mountains laying on the ground,

The clouds stay in their flight,

The trees they dance amidst the wind,

And feast upon his light,

The rivers roar beneath his score,

Of love and passion bright,

As he sits upon his throne,

above the highest height…

And as we built of blood and bone,

Deface earth with our plight,

Undisturbed he moves our sky,

With all his graceful might…

Oh sun oh sun I ask you please,

Can you enlighten too,

The hearts of all the people,

Who know not what you do

They harvest all your energy,

And credit you for none,

They fight and kill amongst themselves,

and lose their sense of one,

They don't know where their going,

or where do they come from,

But the answers stands before them,

Since time has begun..

Oh Great spirit of the sky,

For you the children play,

May soon they dance as many,

Beneath your divine rays,

Oh great spirit beyond my eye,

I thank for what you've done,

Oh what blessings that procure,

From your begotten sun.


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