A Just Cause


Washington Way Apartments
2049 Barnsboro Road Apt N14
United States
39° 47' 38.832" N, 75° 4' 43.5576" W

I look at life as balanced, like there is no right or wrong
But bringing up one's identity just plays a different song.
Am I the hero, or am I the villain? Does anyone know for sure?
What bewilders me most, nonetheless, is what life has in store.
Do I help this world, or harm it...?
Adults talk about their stress, how it always makes them blue...
Have you ever taken the time to speak to that person next to you?
Has nobody ever wondered what life has in store?
Maybe if you put the phone down and opened up your door...
Do I live for you, or die for you...?
If the butterfly effect can change the world, how hard could it be to change the mood of a human, much like you, or me?
What if religion, politics, economics...All the tough concepts were diminished?
After all, the stories of our lives are hardly even finished.
I believe we could enjoy this world if it wasn't so filled with strife.
In the end, being yourself is the only job that may change your life.


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