A Stolen Moment


I look out at the still black water 

as the cold night air kisses my cheeks.

The sky is aligned with twinkling stars as 

far as my eye can see.

Magical jazz music play in 

The distance

Is this freedom?

I enjoy this nice wave of serenity as it washes over me

Taking me to a new place.

The feeling is special.

The mood is right.

I am alone but so happy.

I wrap my arms around me as my body tingle

with the chills of the night.

What is this place?

It is wonderful!

I am at peace, tonight I wish it can go on

forever. Everything is right and placed

in it's designated position.

I glance at the stars, the water, and the bright luminous lights that shine in the distance.

Slowly I make my way through the grass, twirling as I listen to the sweet 

melody of a saxophone.

I never thought Jazz music could be so beautiful.

This moment, it feels like a dream

I soon realized I was drunk off nostalgia

There were moments like this before, long ago

in my childhood.

But this moment was different

it seemed like this moment didn't belong to me.

As if it were stolen out of a fairy tale book.

Like everything were too perfect to be true.

I will always remember this moment.

Maybe next time I can steal a moment similar to this.


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