Have you ever felt like running till you couldn’t run anymore
Just grabbing a bag and jetting out the door
Being free and running wild with the wind
Being a part of something that will never end
There’s no one to judge you or hold you back in life
They just let you be who you want to be even live in strife
You make your own choices and remain your own support system
Living on your own with the lights dim
I feel this way all the time
I’m a caged bird living this life of mine
I’m ready to dive and take my leap of faith
I have no one to love and need no longer to wait
I’m ready to take this plunge into the unknown
Because I have no place to stay and call a home
Physically I live a life of pleasantry to some
But they can have it if the amount of love I receive is none
So take me to New York or Cali to be free
I just want to travel the world and be me
Things like money and family hold me back
And sometimes my trust in God does slack
I don’t know where to go or what to do
I can’t trust and believe because I don’t know what is true
So my mind races 90 mph like a new charger
Leaving me bare and confused like a dog out of water
I occasionally lose my mind on what to do
My feelings are everywhere even in these words I'm writing to you
My name is Cloydia and I'm at a crossroad

There’s a train is coming full speed ahead

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