Breaths puff out

In the cold chilly air

Frost dies underneath

And you don't care

You try to breathe

You lift your feet

To take a step

On that very long


And you're gone

You appear here

In my library

Where I waited

For so long

Your vivid face

Burns in my memory

Like fire and ice

Let's walk along

Among our books

Filled with stories

Of rolling dice

Look at the globes

At all the places

That we've seen

Then vanish 

And appear

In my solemnity

My quiet forest

Where I play

By myself

In a clearing

Join the fray

Dance with my sharps

Sing with my flats

Weep along

Don't be sad

Pick roses with me

Tinged with darkness

Dotted with tears

Don't fall prey

To the voices

Of my fears

Stay in my castle

Peer into the 

Ancient alcoves

Gaze out of the

Crumbling stone

Bedecked with ivy

Descend into dementia

It's a bit cold

It's rather drafty

Stay here

Or escape into the


Like a caged animal

I prowl and pace

I ache and sting

I yearn to embrace

The bitter smoke

You left behind

The castle ruins

To which you're blind

There are cracks

And chips

Along my fault lines

There are holes

And ripped seams

More noticeable

Through time

Don't come back

To pretend

To put on a mask

No ball is being held

There are no dresses

No satin robes

No luxurious feast

No sore-from-dancing


I aged a year

A decade

The hole you left

Has shrunk

My dear

You're too big

Too bold and brash

You're too old

To come by with a crash

Look for others

For I have grown

Fill other holes

And reap the crop

You've already sown.

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