Conflict of the Mind

Fri, 03/08/2013 - 16:15 -- Swif20

Peace and serenity keep me sane
When the crazy gets too much
Pushed buttons always seem to stick
And I can’t get out of the rush

Forging on to keep my head
When the world is crashing around me
Voices say that I’ll be fine
But still there’s something I can’t see

Peace of mind has gone away
And all that’s left is fear
The answers that I seek in life
Are never really clear

Time keeps me on the move
Up and down I go
Looking out to find my way
But still it does not show

Hope returns to kiss my cheek
And tell me I’m alright
That one day I will live my dream
I can’t give up the fight

The lights have come to open up
And give me what I need
The time has come for me to grow
No longer and I a seed.


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