United States
40° 1' 33.1284" N, 75° 26' 46.0536" W

It glistens,
It flutters,
and silences.
Overcome with power,
climbing the hills.
Riding like tides,
flaunting its furious reds.
It leads the way,
only to paint,
and leave a barren black.
It engulfs the treaded paths
and freelancing trees,
destroying mercilessly
as it please.
Burning, crunching, sizzling
making way for new life
to sprout and to cherish
and later on thrive.
So let them grow after
give them some time
give them some silence and room.
Come back in years
and we can see.
The greens hug the hills,
fawns out to dine,
scuttling around the stream.
Beauty for all
to enjoy as it is; still
flourishing, glistening,
and silencing to our mind.


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