The Gift of Caring

Life is a gift we should not take,
Love from the heart we should not break.
Memories, there are so many,
And people we know, well, I know plenty.
Our purpose here, I do believe,
Is to give our gifts, not to recieve.
To let live, and to love from the heart,
For everyone to do their part.
I see people nowadays,
They only seem interested in the newest fasion craze.
Or videogames, or money, or power, it's sad,
People let their life go bad.
Material items we begin to love,
More than our family sent from above.
All I wish for those I know,
Is for their love of people to grow.
For objects to be seen as they are,
And family loved more than that brand new car.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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