“Why don’t people know about this.” I think

As my body soars away from my seat

I feel as thought I’m filling the space


like water once shaped to the pipes

filling the kitchen sink


I am a hot air balloon

my breath in lungs filling


the particles disperse that once shaped my skin

that once told everyone what color I was in

which played like a magicians greatest illusion

the facade that this body is my main attraction 

I feel the atoms reach and reach

farther than I ever believed

I feel myself

I’m filling the room 

like the ocean surrounding the Earth’s shores 

I assume

this is what it feels like to notice

to watch your breath

to observe the vessel of flesh


this is what it means to be immortal

blending like water colors with the eternal


tuning in to the fine print

the frequencies we believe to exist

but as I’m out here 

I pause

I be

I notice that there is nothing here but me

I am all there is to see

One with you and one with me


We preach and teach how to be free

Such rules like chains around our feet

There is nothing to know 

said the trees and bees

all there is to do is be

the happiest that you can be

share your love with living things

spread, like fire, peace and breathe

You are enough it says to me 

this ocean I've blended in to be

This poem is about: 
Our world


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