What Would I change?



Do you know what I would do to make a change for us?
I'd get rid of all the things that make this world dangerous.
Bullying, MurderAbuse, or any pain,
which shouldn't be the things that we need to stay sane.
We need joy, happiness, love and peace too
And just with that, ain't nothing we can't do!
But just to think about the things that go on, on this earth
Makes me wish we could all live in peace from our birth.
Things would be equal, and things would be just.
We would show care, and we would have trust.
I'd hide that World Trade Center in my pocket and zip it
And I just wouldn't let those Boeing 767's hit it.
I'd hug the one that sits and cuts her wrist in a corner,
Who wonders if anyone and everyone would even mourn her.
I'd burn away her insecurities like a cigarette 
And remove the bullets before her finger and trigger met
I'd take that sandy hook and throw it far out of sight,
and take those sacred angels to a place of delight.
No more sorrows, and no more hurt,
How about we leave those right down in the dirt.
And keep our hoodies near, and our skittles even nearer.
And with that we can start a change with the man in the mirror.



deep very deepn i like alot

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