Picture Perfect


Society has this picture, a picture thats perfect. Some are blessed with it, even though they dont deserve it. Sometimes I wonder how did I miss the drawing, its probably because im too busy in the background ooo-ing & aww-ing. Ive always been the one to just sit back & watch,always been the one afraid to turn it up a notch. Since the day I can remember ive been asking "why me"! Why cant I be the one everyone wants to be, wants to see, wants to be living everyday filled with glee!...Its a sad story isnt it? Probably because im not the only one living in it....You see, this isnt for the comedy clubs or the pitty parties, but its for all those individuals sending out confused apologies. You might ask what are they apologizing for? Probably all those reasons you think its okay to ignore! Probably all those reasons why you shut the door! Probably all those reasons why no one would care if they even existed anymore! And to be honest, lets be real, does anyone even care about how I, we, or everyone else feels. Because society has the picture, a picture thats perfect.....I guess I just wasnt worth it.  


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