Ride With the Wind


United States
37° 35' 42.828" N, 122° 2' 38.2884" W

A bright star that glitters across the night sky after a long day
A rainbow that appears after the rains have cleansed the earth
You are there
A soft bundle of clouds traveling across the still, blue summer sky
The beauty of the rolling waves that never fail to soothe me so
In all the serenity, in all the beauty, in all the amazement
You are there
I close my eyes and spread my arms
Feel the soft caress on my blushing cheeks
My hair flies back with the wind
My lips form up into a smile
I feel you, you are there
Your independent spirit which travels in the freedom of the wind
I feel the muscles in my arms stretch as my arms spread wider
I want to fly with you
A soul as beautiful and pure as yours, you could live anywhere you desired
I lay in the fields of newly sprouting spring grass, and I feel you
The start to your new journey, new life rooting from the earth, a new beginning
A guiding tug in the right direction
The voice of intuition in my head
My most beloved visitor to my dreams
You are there, my guardian angel, who will always be with me
I refuse to be selfish and wish you could still be here beside me
To grab your hand, to hear your joyful excited laugh, to feel another tight hug
Do not fret, my love, for I know now
You are in everything, you are everywhere, your face is reflected in the beauty of God’s nature
Do not fret, my love, for I know now
I can let you go now
And I am at peace


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