Dreamy Disaster



Waiting for time to pass

Staring at a half empty glass

Who is right

Who is wrong

No one has the answer

They haven’t all along

All sounding the same

Winning the losing game

Trying to prove success

And how they are above the rest

I’m better than you

You’re better than she

She’s better than him

And he’s better than me

It’s a contest no one ever wins

All the same competitors but in different skins

What’s accepted and what’s not

But the only things we believe are the things we are taught

Who is better than who

And why we do what we do

Fighting for peace and justice

In a country in the midst of a civil crisis

I’m better than you because of where I live

You’re better than she because of what you can give

She’s better than him because of what she knows

He’s better than me because of his clothes

But no one wins and we all defeat each other

                                  Destroying this beautiful world when there isn’t another       



In this world where we preach equality and rights in other countries, but can't even provide it in the 'land of the free'

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