Letter To The Villain (...in memory of the Sept.11 victims)

Dear villain
Peace be unto your restless soul
Filled with terror and insanity
Which does't care to know
What it sows to shake-up reality

Why lurk do you behind the veil
From which you throw
Your fiery darts of hell
At unarmed and harmless souls

Wake up from you crafty slumber
You've got to wake up O! villain
And count the souls O! dreamer
Which you've slain

I can hear an innocent blood
Crying a doom on you
Surely, villain a time of reward
Shall come to uncover the veil o'er you

Souls wither
At the thought of you and your action
Which is all 'bout
Aiming powers through the innocent on motion

O! vilain
How dare you fight peace
With threats of war?
You can ne'er walk with ease
'Cause e'en your scent depicts an eyesore

Who told you that problems
Can be solved with problems?
O! villain
Wake up O! dreamer
The World is already at your doorstep
To pick you up e'en in your slumber

Howe'er may the numerous souls
Which you have languished
Be granted an eternal rest
But the peace which you try to lynch
Wlli continue to reign in its vest

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Our world
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