Je suis Terre

Mon, 11/24/2014 - 13:47 -- Shelene

What do I see?

I see colors.
I see colors dancing around me in a picturesque setting, floating and waving around my being with such elegance that it soothes me.
I close my eyes and I listen to the music, I listen to the songs of the wind. The wind whispers to me, laissez-moi vous embrasse mon amour (let me hug you my love), it handles me with such care that it leaves goose bumps on my skin.
I listen to the grass, I listen as it brushes against my legs, as it sways back and forth like the waves of a peaceful ocean.
When I open my hands I feel the grass tickling my fingertips, oh si doux (oh so soft).
I reach my arms into the sky and brush the clouds, the mist soaking my hands with warmth.
I take in the sweet aroma of the flowers blooming all around me, of the petals of pink and yellow. I take in the wonder of the bark from the towering trees that circle me, protecting me with their firm arms.
Je suis Terre (I am Earth).
I can feel the birds flying all around me, I can feel their feathered wings as they flap in the sky.
I can feel each thread of grass as it dances so freely, I can feel each droplet of water that make up the clouds that float over me.
Je peux sentir tout (I can feel everything).
What do I see?
I see life, I see peace, I see beauty in all things.
I see the creatures and I feel them, I feel their pain, I feel their life.
Now tell me.
What do you see?


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful! Really enjoyed reading it! Please keep sharing your heart your mind and your life! 

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