....on my way home from work'

I simply visualize a place in'harmony...on my way home from work.

But these torns have grown over my'path, 
constantly... stepping into climax!

I push and fight, hardly to admit, trying to cut around, trailing out of sanity.
Furiously commit, hardly breathing,

focus on the prize'mind set to succeed! 

Now given doubt a piece of me, I have fallen into weakness....curling below, 

farther way, in this journey runs tears......

Why must I go on? Have I wondered down the wrong steps?
Your spikes are unsettling..frustrating, 

these vines taking every space of mine!

How far does it go?
Confused, surrounded, defeated, lost in attempt...

You beat me up, pulled me down, I break my back, while you sit unsound.

Please let me through, for once be fair!
You need not fight..I twist your hands, now wounded.

you need not move.. still you kept in place while I swung with hate.

...You are something else'

annoying but not an enemy, so quietly laced, wanting to get rid of you.

I have soaked my last confidence'fading 

light headed, I must lay for a bit...I can smell you,  

why must you bleed where I rest......staring'falling into place.

I wake in'surprise, you left me sound asleep.Why haven't you smothered me?

I have pulled your roots and blamed your existence..

worthless'pain in my head!

Not a word from you'but when I step you sink it through..

..... ...I stomped wildly' 

How must you feel? I misplaced your face, 

blocked the light upon your grace, yelled-insane, beneath your scattered pieces,

ripped, smashed, and left behind. I know who I am, what have I done? 

Clearly I have wondered into abyss...You have witnessed.

I am sorry for my hate'leaving, I have gone out of pace...ashamed'
all the reasons'why, not a doubt by you! 

What must I do or say' for a single sign or clue? 

I realize that you are fair, I have been deceived, in'greed-

persuaded, eager to' impatient, growing up believed... 

I deserve to be cast into the winds.. away withing regrets...

I have sinned! But I refuse to turn my head, I must admit, I was blind and deaf! 
You spoke when we first met, but all I heard was anger...

unsteady, fisting' questioning, unraveling'the worst,
......I tried to force her hand'

she does not take sides'or cater to one light.. I came alone, 

seeking a new home'but these sinking facts of my own......

...I understand your path is settled, cast between the lines,

we have taken upon faith..we crossed our times, now I have shattered,

sands'pouring.. unsound and patient, sewing its pieces behind,

...... paving each strand'

She has given us the strength, so paint to amend, respect'steps along,

...arrive in peace...belong,
claim my rights on this tree, steady wide to guide it's leafs.

Give thanks to her love'seasons change, carry'on precious memories
....never lose faith, hope in all ways'

Tucked beneath it's roots, rise and bloom a garden of youth, 
torns of my life resumes, spread the word in guidance.

...peace and fine clarity'



Refine the words of an old friend, 
he has always been, never gave up on me, he grew its stairways, 

had he known of a heart beating astray.. crafted it's maze,

so we may live another day...we share our faith in hope, time has been'a long way to go,

he is the wisest of them all, and she......my lifelong comfort'

always be'meant me.....

Love the life you live'mind set free!

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