The Power Within Us

The power to work and the power to try,
The power to tell the truth and the power to lie,
This power is within us all.
But look around see how we’ve fallen
Short of what we could be.
Everybody’s lookin’ out for “me.”
I, me, my, it’s all mine.
Mine to have and mine to get,
All this pain’s mine to inflict.
I look around and see the world,
And one too many crying girls
And boys
Suffering, dying,
Day by day.
Is it just too hard to say:
I’m done with all this useless strife.
It’s time to love and bring new life.
Apathy’s the common sin
That blind’s our eyes and traps us in
The mundane and the self absorbed
Lives we live.
Are we too poor
To love our neighbors,
To help our friends?
Have we nothing at all to give?
Is our power only evil and unjust?
Do we only know how to kill, and how to lust
For more of what we already have,
While others struggle to even last
The night?


There’s life beyond our borders
And beyond our simple minds.
To see it we need to be bolder:
Go to our windows and open the blinds.
There’s a world that’s aching;
A pain that’s breaking,
The hearts of children
And the bodies of our siblings.
There’s only one humanity.
No matter how many buildings
We build to plan our next few steps
It won’t stop the hurting that happens every breath
I take.


Why all the hate?
Our brothers are dying.
Our sisters are crying.
Starving, raping, sick and dying,
Fighting, beating, genociding.
Tears are falling.
Hope is fading.
Why in the world are we still waiting
To act?
To move?
To roll off our fat fast food
And experience a world that’s full of power?
Not money and guns
Or land and oil,
Not food and houses
Or political spoils,
Not empty lives
And empty idols
But love.


We’ve all been given hands
To deliver weary lands,
Yet we’re not moving?!
Too busy deciding and choosing
From our plethora of luxuries.
We’re far too privileged to see
All the blood
And all the emptiness.
I wish we could just wake up from this
Of our safety and our peace!
All around is turmoil and disease,
Can’t we see we have the power
To act and to bring change,
To save
Those who need saving,
To bring hope
Where hope is fading?
It’s been given to us,
A great power within
To change the world before us
To help our fellow men.
Some call it superstition,
But this power moves mountains.
This power is within us all.
The power to stand up and tear down walls:


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