Loose in the Forests


The evil body shaped serpent shows His red demonized eyes glow Ranting and Raving

In realization I’m the one that’s paying

God’s what I need in my life is what I ‘am saying

Keep me in your prayers

I didn’t just cut part of my body I’ve cut layers

Isolated in such a cold world There’s no love not a girl

This dark secretive forbidden place Here is where my precious time I waste

Life is what I’m yearning to taste

Not listening at all to my peers Oh!!!

The Angel of Death is near My death bed is the only thing I fear

There’s this anonymous Succubus I love the most When I overdose Then we’ll be close

She scares me but, higher goes my adrenaline


Especially knowing she’s so feminine

It’s a dark fatal attraction My skin her nails are scraping and scratching

Eventually usually I’ll bleed

O how I give the mistress of the night Whatever thou her body wants and needs

May it be a slow tease? A quiet mature tease please

Let my empty spirit flow in the breeze

I’m gone deceased In the end will be but for now There’s no peace

I stay in the frame of flames All I see is a creature a beast

A Gremlin Not me at least

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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