Freedom Is Not Free

I said, "How long will it take?"
I mean, we've seen the same mistakes
Ain't it crazy after all this
We're still waiting for change
And the faces are the same
The pain, it still remains
Tired of it all but really who is there to blame?
The system, the victims, the money or fame?
The power, the hour, the looks or the name?
But whatever the claim
We need to make a change
We are here to stay
So all my people, can I hear you say!
No justice, No peace
No muderous police
They say liberty for all
But freedom is not free
Its time to break down these walls
Of animosity
Its time to fight for our justice and equality
& we've seen it all before
Rooted deep within our history
Made some improvements
But there is still no victory
Don't shoot, Hands up
Unite and stand up
Fight back and man up
One more brother down
We need back up!
Its time for a change
Real action, real pain
We might look different
But were all the same
Man, this system is so distorted
To change that, im for it
No freedom till were equal
Damn right I support it.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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