Forever Running


Bags under her eyes, but ever alert

Sleep was a luxury she can't afford.

Always moving and never staying long

Trying to look to the future,

but the darkness of the past blocks her way.

Running isn't the answer, she knows in her head.

She struggles, but always fighting,

never winning but never loosing.

She's trying to be strong not just for herself.

Her little boy always by her side 

wondering why his mommy always wants to run

for he doesn't know why.

He just knows the sorrowful expression on her face,

and the sobbing that wakes him up at night.

She looks at him and smiles.

For her little boy is the only joy in her life.

It makes everything worth it.

Her past shows up one early morning.

An unwanted surprise that had her whole world crashing down.

A man on the porch after 7 long years

out on parole for good behavior. 

She yells and she screams but he doesn't listen.

He requests to see his son.

She refuses, how dare he show up here?

After all her running, it was for nothing.

Feeling defeated, she still keeps on fighting.

Her boy is her motivation.

With the man here the memories pop up.

The ones that haunt her dreams at night.

The ones she has been running from.

Of that one night 7 years ago,

with a dark alley and a stranger

a long night and un answered cry.

The man said it was consensual,

the jury said it was rape.

After that she kept on running.

Running so he will never catch her,

Running so her son will never know the truth about his dad.

Anger builds up inside her.

How dare he? He took her innocence.

She will not let him take her son.

Red fills her vision,

hate and anger clouds her judgment.

A loud crash and thud ends his life. 

There is no remorse.

She is finally free.



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