Who is considered  an "American"?

Is an "American" based on whether you and your family were born on this country

or how hard you worked to pass your citizenship test?

Is an "American" one willing to to died in on the front line

or one who is willing to leave their home country

to gain a better life for their families? 

Is an "American" one who speaks, writes, and understand English?

Is an "American" one who works all day and night to put food on the table,

a roof over their heads, and clothes on their backs; 

or one who is homeless,  recieves food stamps from the government, or begs for food?

Is an "American" only Christians or are other religions allowed?


Is being an "American" determined by the clothes you wear,

the color of your skin, or the weapon you chose?

Who is considered an "American"?

Maybe me or maybe I or maybe even all of you.


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