Change for Peace


Why are there still people out there that just love to hate?

Based upon the color of their skin and their race

Every individual possesses different traits

Is it even possible to change these people's ways?


Why are people constantly looking for a fight?

Violence is not an answer, fight for what is RIGHT

Peace is an example

A mellow state of mind

Effective communication should be practiced all the time


Prejudice and discrimination , I can not take!

We are all human, we all make mistakes

From towns, to cities, to countries, to states

You make your own decisions with no one else to blame


Just take into consideration

The effort I have made

To get this subject out to you

About how much the world has changed


Yet again, it has stayed the same

A never ending cycle of war, love, and pain

Peace is what I want and wish for you all

Never stop smiling

Even if you fall 






I like the poem. It truly does send a message about racism and prejudice that we do need to take care of for the sake of us all living equally. Keep writing on my friend!

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