What's Positivity?


What's positivity 
It's a feeling in our hearts, it's a star, it's energy 
That can drive us far so instantly 
It's medicine, progression for all the entities 
It's a remedy 
For hostility, hate, treachery, and enemies  
It's a cure for our souls 
Something to uphold
Something you shouldn't mold 
Something to control
Like human minds 
But that won't fly with us because that stuff  will bury us in major ruts 
We're not infected with blindness, which can give us major cuts 
Positivity's  an elixir 
Nowhere in sight are the impure mixtures 
This is the universal fixer
That never fails to deliver 
The good like a shipper  
It's a mechanic    
That fixes all bad machines 
These bad machines are human sicknesses
That can pierce and devour our spirits
Let's empower God's children 
Positivity means being fearless 
We look whatever fear is 
Right in the eye and say we will  overcome it 
We all should be full of light like the sun is 
But we must acknowledge darkness 
We must take action to squash the hardships
A clean slate is never given in the beginning 
Heaven is not automatically an ending 
We soar together in the sky, we're birds who are ascending 
We lose sometimes but we must frequently be winning 
Exciting and encouraging each other 
Seeing bright smiles on my sisters and my brothers 
Like a kid under his bed sheets, we got each other covered 
We help each other grow as plants, so we can all reach our luster.


Asha Siva

I enjoy the rhyme scheme in this:)

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