Gunman on Campus

Tue, 03/19/2013 - 11:25 -- Ciel


United States
42° 34' 7.2588" N, 89° 20' 30.0012" W

I wish my phone would ring
I call home, waiting alone, dial tone screams
my mind's cold behind this blindfold of space and time
I can't escape it I'm
and like a fine rope this line holds
my only connection as the seconds stretch endless
I feel like I'm in a wild dream
nothing on the other end
I want to blame it on the government
the individual
anyone who takes it from interview to literal
anyone who made this the issue that's centerfold
but that's us
if you look the facts just add up
we're the cause of the crazies, the criminals and the big, bad guns
we're behind the Jay-Zs, the Interpols, and every drug run
it's all in the way we fight difficult and believe in the one son
so blame me if you're looking for someone to take the gun from.


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