Little Miss Perfect


United States
27° 36' 59.0976" N, 97° 17' 12.7248" W

Looking around, I am the girl that people don't point out,
Until that day when my hair started falling out.
I was the white girl who lived a perfect life,
I had a bright future and a fella to make me his wife.
What they didn't see was the hurt of both body and mind,
my senses, myself, was put in a bind.
I tried to hide the bruises, the signs of hate,
But eventually I had to give in to fate.
From the depths of despair I reached out,
Only to tumble back in my hole of sadness and doubt.
The mass in my brain spared me no escape,
it was something I grew to hate.
Because of it, I was tortured and probed,
and in the cold winter I had not one hand to hold.
My wings were clipped, I was ready to die,
until my white knight came by.
My hair was gone, my body broken, and my heart misshapen,
but within days I was taken.
To this wonderful man, my life I owe,
and forever I will be with him, wherever he may go.


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