A QUEEN's Epiphany


Long Island, NY
United States
37° 5' 24.864" N, 95° 42' 46.4076" W
United Kingdom
52° 38' 8.3976" N, 1° 16' 19.038" E

I was made like this;

created by a higher power, who took much of her or his time

to make sure she or he got all of this right.

I mean, come on now! Look at this big, wild and beautiful mane they perfectly placed on my crown. Each curl frizzy, yet defined.

Oh yessss, honey, they had to have taken their time!

Dark brown eyes that are big and round, but not too wide,

just enough for me to see what this beautiful world has stored inside.

Freckles carefully sprinkled on my big, round nose.

Skin kissed by the sun, that glitters and glows like gold.

Heart filled with love that grows and grows.

With curves that aren't exactly like Bey's,

but still will make a man fall to his knees,

begging me to please be his QUEEN.

Though, I fell asleep like this;

taught by society to hate my mane.

"It needs to be straightened, it needs to be tamed."

My coils were too different for them to bear,

so I was told I had to make mine just like theirs.

"Oh, and you might want to get a nose job too.

Big is not in, small is cute."

Couldn't afford surgery so I invested in make up.

Thought, "maybe if I hide my freckles, it wouldn't stand out so much."

Yet that still wasn't good enough.

With some whites, I'm too "urban", or too tan.

With some blacks, I'm too light or "act white".

Completely surrounded by ignorance

and I'm thinking I'm not doing something right.

Trying to please everyone but myself.

Loving a man who only loves what's underneath his belt.

Crying every night because I'm losing myself.

And finally, I woke up like this;

cutting off every damaged strand of my hair.

I'm getting my beautiful curls back, if they don't like it, I truly do not care.

Threw out the make up, embracing my cute, big, freckled nose.

Hold on, let me take a SELFIE. All smiles, no duck face in my pose.

Only surrounding myself with other positive minds.

Spreading love to ALL, even my enemies sometimes.

Working to be the best QUEEN I can be.

Flawless and all. Happy and free.

And to think, all I had to do was love ME.


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