Sailing For Eden


They asked me to measure my life in a glass

Determine the worth and state it in halves

To cut up the moments and bind every scrap

Together in leather and draw up a map

To pinpoint each trove of treasures secured

And label each cavern of hopes still deferred

Then fashion a vessel from time left untouched

And set sail at dawn and on until dusk

To walk on the sea if that’s what it takes

And move every mountain until the earth quakes

Then plunge through each crevice and crack in the ground

Down to the center of earth till I’ve found

That nothing this planet produces can quench

The thirst of man, not the deepest descent

Nor climbing the tallest of cedars to see

Not laying with lovers beneath galaxies

Not trophies of conquest, nor letters of praise

Not wisdom acquired in wrinkles displayed

No journey remembered can keep you at ease

You’ll set sail tomorrow still searching for peace

But if you’d find Eden, the refuge of souls

Look past what is dying and hope will unfold

Born in a manger and cursed on a tree

Then up from the earth He rose like a reed

So if you’d find meaning before you are spent

Then realize true meaning first must be meant

Meant by another who gives it away

Received by the one who is purposef'ly made

The maker was made into garments of light

That hope would arise on the darkest of nights

And on the horizon, that shadow of blue

It’s Eden, He’s coming, He’s sailing to you

So chop up your vessel and kindle a fire

And signal the Captain you’ve always desired

Who silences waters and cradles the sky

He sings over redwoods and watches them rise

He whispers the embers that kindle men’s hearts

Who seeing His glory, then enter the ark

He’ll never forsake you, He wrote it in blood

Our sins had a cost and He paid it in love

So confess your wrongs and confess His rights

Turn back from the shadows and dwell in His light

Honor His offering, the blood that was spilled

And let down your burdens, don’t carry your guilt

He carried it for you and put it to death

So cherish your freedom and savor your breath

If you are His instrument, joy is His song

He delights in each note as you’re carried along

Though kingdoms collapse under oceans of sin

No soul shall perish who cherishes Him

So hold on to hope and know every strand

For when He returns you’ll inherit the land

Creator united with creature restored

And we’ll lift up our voices in praise to the LORD



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