Left Behind


Bombs everywhere, missiles left and right, clenching my gun in my hand so tight. Side versus side, so scared but I will never show it, America the Brave, proud and heroic. Crunched in a ball covering my head, I heard the planes flying, shooting bullets, and killing people dead. Being one of the only ones alive I struggled to obtain my tears as I quickly remember these great past few years.

            Little John and baby Sue, my beautiful wife and I were no longer just a family of two; I didn’t want to leave, but I had to; missing my children’s life is something I wish I didn’t have to do. Sending letters and pictures back and forth is never the life I expected to have until duties called and forced me to go back to my home land. Tears and hugs came rushing to as I left out the door with my big green boots.

            Walking out the door, I was proud yet guilty for leaving my family behind, but I knew my Country needed me; it was my time. Still having so much of my life to live, I was nervous and anxious that I would never again see my wife kids. The looks on their faces as I gathered my things and started for the door made me with I could stay just one second more.  Video chatting and writing letters became an every day event, until war completely broke out and more of my fellow troops and I were war sent. 

            Weeks have been gone with no letters, pictures sent or received, the piercing sounds of gunfire, and explosions almost make falling asleep come to an ease.  I’m awoken by a man with a knife standing above me,  I look into his eyes as his knife peers into mine, the only thing on my mind is the family I’m leaving behind. 



The ones fighting for our country are often never asked about what they see at war and what they feel during that time. 

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