Fri, 10/10/2014 - 00:10 -- Mimus

Blind me

Burn me

Break me

Rip out my eyes and cut out my tongue

Silence my voice and censure my speech

Cripple my wings, chain me to earth-

Make me Prometheus.


Wisdom giver

Fool of man and food for the crows

Make me the anomaly

The variant

The black sheep, the paradox-

Vilify me, the anarchist

The radical-

The heretic, the variable

Label me

Label me, and I will prosper

Give me a name-

Oh, to have a name!

A black one, a grimy one

Riddled with evil and twisted with hate

Bind me to darkness, a cesspool of darkness

Take sun and take the moon and take the

Scintillating stars, leave no spark of life-

Make me Prometheus

And like Prometheus I will rise

Fire, burn, flames, flicker, never die

Brighter, brighter, ever brighter

Burn away black stinking vitriol

Burn away all pretext, all pretense, all lies

All incessant invective, all ignorance-

Burn, fire, burn

Tears of flame

Cries of ash,

Mourning wood

What innocence, what destructive innocence!

Let no enemy of mine linger

Leave no mark upon my name

Burn, burn on

In the hearts and minds

Of the fools of man

The shepherds must guide their flocks of sheep

And the sheep never question the shepherd-

Do they?

Blind self-betrayal-

Blind self-denial-

Blind obeisance-

Blind allegiance-


But for


Make me the catalyst

The enigma

The paradox-

Make me Prometheus

Take my voice

Blind me, burn me, break me-

But leave me Prometheus!

Fire, dear flame of truth, bright ember, spark of hope-

Make me Prometheus

And let my words

Burn on.


Experience Tranquility

Holy. Crap. 

This is amazing and fabulous and you are so absolutely talented

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