Open to the World

People walk to work like they are alone
the youth shrug their shoulders, take a drag, and it passes
sleep in a city of millions, never knowing anyone.
outside, every thing you hear you have already heard,
its our program now, no longer our own thoughts
in your mind and individual, but dress the same as everyone
the humming of the TV plays a distant war
a place you cannot pronounce

Darwin spoke of evolution, to prevent extinction,
but all we remember is survival of the fittest.
Jesus lives in a second hand car
LOVE, a four letter word
compassion, what is that?

This system, we gave it life
these rules, we gave them light
these leaders, we give them right
this strife
these clashes, we gave them life.

America, just a concept
Jesus, Mohammad, just a concept
capitalism, voting, just a concept
wealth, equality, just a concept
corporations, BIG macs. just a concept
nature; its a force

we insist on your rights as a citizen:
and disillusion.
we fill it to the brim of your big gulp,
and lucky for you they are two for one.

extinction is nothing new to mother earth,
only this one is self inflicted
the sun sets on the water
and everything is new
but will there be human eyes to see the sun rise?

lose the greed and catch some sense
with all five feel the truth,
hear the truth,
see the truth,
stop chasing happiness in things,
for those are the least of your concerns
the only choice we have
is save capitalism, or save the earth.

change is now or, change is never
our system is broken, and everyone just shrugs it off
and sips on some happiness,
"brought to you by our sponsors"

fighting for who is right is ultimately useless
we will all be wrong when there is nothing left to fight for
mankind is all we have in this reality

we are floating  on a rock in space, in a solar system, in a galaxy part of countless others
we are not even a crumb of the Universe
yet, we are the Universe.

this is bigger than us,
bigger than the atoms that make us

we made up imaginary boundaries
unicorns, nations,
immigrants, and boogie men

it's the era of reality
it's the era of the global collectiveness
Don't just smile, withstand indifference.


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