They Said...



They said you died in the war that wasn't yours.
They said you fought a fight you didn't start.
They said you fought hard not to fight
They said you were a child but the bullets don't recognise children, as long as you are human it hits you hard .

They said it wasn't the survival of the fittest, the battle of the strongest ,the delegation of the wisest.
They said the weakest even survived more than the strongest tho days later hunger claimed their lives.
They said it was a war of survival for survival from survival. People wanted to live and not just survive.

They said you saw the pain and torture as men ripped the skin of women,brutally brutalized their dignity. Fed their virginity to fellow Dog man like them.
They said you said even men were raped in this despicable manner, most of them never recovered from it. Some died through the pain of bleeding but worse the pain of shame and defeat.

They said you said a lot happened in war and the guns were too heavy for feeble hands .
They said the grenade sounded like stereos of fear with the base blooming the loudest and your heart beating the fastest.

They said you were a child soldier
Left at the mercy of the world
Used as propaganda to the world while CNN carried the news to the world,You were left as a child soldier whose future was to be Lawyer to defend and protect the right of his people but definitely not in war.

They said a lot of things aside " If truly you died in the war that wasn't yours".

Sifon Ediomo-Abasi

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