Valuable in my Eyes


Valuable in my Eyes


The artistic sky

Paints a picture of freedom

For lone gulls to fly.


On this island, “Perfect” can’t even describe the happiness that

These warm currents bring.

Despite being so lonely, at least I have some time to reflect.


A universal compassion is present between the living creatures,

knowing no boundaries despite the differences between the species…

For a moment, they are equal, looking eye to eye, realizing that despite some differences, there is a universal similarity among their beings



She follows me everywhere I go

Looking into her eyes, all I see is love—


I can’t let go for all she brings me is luck

A friend to be cherished,

How could I ever let that go?

Yes; I need her forever

Yes, I need her always

She is always loyal, a thing many people don’t understand

A friend till the end, a worthy friend


What would we do on that island?

Make a country, you and me

Make a home of this land

A place where we can both be free


We make a fire, she fetches the wood and I start the hearth

Leaning in on the fire, the fire warming up my face

Dance by the fire, in this cold world

Sometimes all you need is laughter

We cook up some fish, our catch of the day

On this island, I protect you and you protect me

Friends who always have each others’ back


Ravishing, entrancing beauty

This island would be a death sentence for others

But for you and me, it’s the best place imaginable

Peace and tranquility that others would never understand

The bond that we have

Is strengthened in this strange land


A stroll by the sea, an adventurous exploration

We spot a dolphin acting erratically in the water

Come closer my dear, what’s wrong baby?

On second glance— I realize the dire circumstances

We need to move, and fast!

Give me a hand


Even if you are stranded on an island, that does not mean

You cannot make a difference in the world

Wherever you are, you can make a difference


The terrors of man are never undiminished

In all of the corners of the earth,

In every crevice,

There are evidently malevolent effects.

Thousands of miles away from civilization, we still see the wreck and havoc of man

We can’t escape it

But we can fight it


Come here baby, I can help you

I enter into the water, diving in underneath, locating the dolphin’s wound

A fishing hook, out here?

What in the world?!

Force and exertion, pulling this alien item out of your body,

I hear your gentle cries, And I die a little bit inside

No, no, don't swim off

I was almost done; we almost got it out!

You will die without my help!

I go after her, but she is long gone

Thrashing, splashing water marks my anger


I can only wish and hope she will be alright

The value to anything— a life, an item, an idea

Is not always black-and-white

We must see each other for what we hold deep inside

I smack my lips in frustration,

the dulcet flavor of fruit reminding me 

That the day could have gone better

But I did all I could

and that is all I can ask of myself


Nothing compares to the little things in life: walking along the beach,

resting on the sand, and swimming in the ocean.

Many people don’t get to do so all that often,

and are far from all of the natural beauty of the beach.

Sometimes, you just need to sit back, relax, and appreciate the magnificent palm trees surrounding you.


So what would I take with me on a deserted island?

I would take the only true friend of mine,

Prada (my puppy) and I, forever against the tide


This poem is about: 
Our world


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