Problems of War: Spoken Word Slam

Wed, 04/08/2015 - 19:15 -- Oparr

Little did you know when our world "Leaders" meet to talk, they talk not about how to create peace but strategies for war. They say they are protecting their beliefs or countries that are poor.


They talk about how to solve problems physically instead of mentally or peacefully.


Governments arm themselves with an arsenal of guns and ammunition. But lack the way to solve by the means of competition. 


And look at the governments, they spend all their money on military and only feed scraps to the charities that are humanitary.


Also flash back to the Cold War, where both sides are locked in utter blindness that they don't realize, that if they fire there will be nothing left to materialize.


Look at World War One, where the shells were falling causing a hell that ended in 16,000,000 deaths as a result of one. YES, one death caused millions and it is set to repeat like a rapper just finding his beat, because instead of procecuting those who need to be procecuted, the world seemed focused on persecuting. They, instead of dealing with the few they decided to deal with the many.


That leads people to believe that ones governements opinions must represent everyones. They don't. Yet in some countries this is what they are bred to believe, but really the governement that leads, just purposefully wants to decieve.


They scream and shout "War is the answer!" but all war causes is hurt and disaster. This is  and was caused to people who weren't in the argument at all. Their governement hides behind them not prepared to take the fall.


The government doesn't fight the wars, it's the people in the military, they are protecting their country but protecting them from what?


Answer that and feel if the war is just. 

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world



Please notice, these opinions are mine and may not represent everyones but I stand behind this and will until my last breath.

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