This is Home


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This is Home
By R. M. Otto

Whatever happened?
So much happened that changed me. So much happened that molded me…
What happened to the years that my father was full of joy?
What changed that my blameless mother is now subject to severe stress and sorrow?
What happened to the happiness, the pride, the astonishment, the trust, the well-being in the
It has all gone;
It has fleeted…
No longer can a child leave at dawn and come back at dusk.
No longer do people care for their worldly brethren.
Do you think the world cares that a son’s father has had a death card placed in his deck of life?
Some do, some care.
Most do not.
What happened to the careless love for all, the undying love for the many?
It has all gone, it has all fleeted. There is none left in this desolate planet.
Why is this how it had to be?
This is our World,
This is Home.


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