Cold Civil War

I look out into the world and wonder, what the hell happened. I used to live inside a lego house, but now the bricks are melting like a pool of plastic memories. Making friends was as simple as saying hello and permanence was never on my mind when I said good bye. Now it’s hard to tell what to believe like peeling back the curtains to reveal a brick wall. The boy who cried wolf is yelling “fake news” while the cities are screaming oppression at the top of their lungs, but still trying to tell me how I’m supposed to live my life. The sound at night has gone from crickets to hypocrites and I can’t even sleep. Art is now a canvas of lies painted to mask the truth using the tears of those who were told they don’t deserve to have a voice. Promises are made that can’t be kept and they whisper free, free, free, but they forget about freedom. We were so busy fighting for equality that we’ve forgotten what the word really means. I look into the eyes of mothers and I see the worry for their children. To grow up in a world that’s forced to decipher pick up lines from protests. Like is that tear gas in your eyes or are you just happy to see me? Or did it hurt when you fell from privilege? Our country is competing to see who can dig the deeper hole. Building walls to stop people from coming in or to save the world from us coming out? For that matter, is it even safe to come out? We flash these peacock colors like royalty, but forget the ones who died to give the right. The ones who are still too afraid, the ones who have reason to be afraid. But what concerns us more is money. The holy piece of paper which has more followers than god. Bowing to its every whim. Now we want those who weren’t alive to pay for the crimes that were committed before they knew what crime even meant. To pay for hate that was spoken before the bitterness of words even graced their lips. Before their families set foot on this soil, this once sacred soul. So many are hurting, so many are bleeding, so many are crying, and so many more are dead but they get nothing. Life is not a race and neither should you be judged according to one. You should not be rewarded for how you were born while your mother is still bleeding. For that matter, your mother shouldn’t have had to bleed if she did not want to. Our words have evolved from innocent opinions to monstrosities of hatred that keep growing larger until they consume everything in their path. We don’t know how talk to one another. We don’t know how to talk. Facts are not important anymore, opinions reign supreme, they crush anything or anyone who dares to rebel. Now, this is the part where king Richard would stand up to the tyrant and save the day. Facts are in his royal blood after all, coursing through his veins and his only weapon against the tyranny, but yet he does nothing. Our media could chose to do something, to state the facts, to show the facts but instead gives in to opinions. No one can be sure what to believe anymore. Or if it’s worth it to even try. Our country is in a cold civil war. With nazis on both sides. Whether or not they believe it is irrelevant. Whether they want to change it is irrelevant. My only hope is that the constitution, the foundation on which we stand, can still hold us together without crumbling. Cause right now the earth is breaking and they are screaming for me to pick a side, and as the crack spreads, getting bigger, and wider, and deeper. I say let me fall.

This poem is about: 
My country


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