US of A. US or America. I Choose Us.

In a world where nothing stays the same

Either for better or worse

America could either lead to fame

Or it can lead you to a hurse

Aren't they both the same?

They seem to be a curse

Don't resist the change

The change will make it work

And working for a change

May help you begin your search

They attempt to steal your flame

Will you let them quench your thirst

Will you choose yourself and play their game

Or will you choose us and put others first

So with this I can only pray

You have the strength to write your own verse


When others are you, you know that we are all one

It's all fun and games until you see you haven't won

Greed is the bullet, Selfishness is the gun

Me, myself, and I leads you away from the sun


Darkness falls with no light to reflect

Distorting our vision due to the lies they protect

Be a queen or a king or you'll be shuffled in the deck

The moon is still present, but it has lost its effect

Not yet... 


But soon, you shall know who you are

Puppets they are, don't lose yourself in the stars

If the problem is one, then we are all a part

It's them and us, America tries to set us apart


It isn't just them though, they surely aren't alone

Power to the people is the biggest lie we know

Politically yes, but the power's in our soul

Within ourselves it lies waiting to be owned


Or owned up to...

America is taking those, to cover up their wounds

We need to wake up before we're doomed

If you are yourself, I hope you're not a goon


Finally a deep breath, you've made it to the surface

It's up to you to choose if you'll be one of their servants

The sun is out again, goodmorning don't be nervous

A new day, a fresh start now that you've found your purpose

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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