The White Rose of Peace Ana Maria King Hillsborough County

I celebrate peace with a white petaled rose,

As the woes of a long war begins close.

Though the principle I did not opposed.


Singing and dancing and ridding my horse,

White petals I’m strewing with all of my force.

Jubilant prospect if peace follows its course.


Peace like a white rose may have its thorns,

That comes back to gore like a bull with its horns.

But for now  a white  open rose my joy adorns.


In peace beyond atoms, may we all partake.

As God’s  white rose is given for  heart ache.

May it enter the soul to heal the heart break.


A white rose falls trampled in war’s flight,

But a white rose observed in peace is so bright.

The curves of the petals turning so slight..


Same rose same molecules same little bud.

       In war one lies abandoned  in a pool of  blood,

In peace spectacular beauty rises from mud.

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