My hands shake, my knees tremble

The words I say barely come out as a whipser

The people look at me like im insane

And maybe I am

Maybe I am because the words I speak are not normal

They call for peace among the people; a strange reality this world may never know.

They show the faults in us. the differences longing to be accepted, the rejection of anything new, the denial of anything they dont feel to benefit them.

This crazy concept that maybe, just maybe, we can be a whole, not just a half or a fourth. That we can rise together. That benefiting the entirety is better than the benefit of just one.

And if the belief in this makes me insane, then let my hands shake and my knees tremble; Let them judge me as they will.

I will not stop my words. I will not stop our fight. 


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Our world
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