Anger vs. Peace

Anger is a virus that takes hold of every fiber in your body

It corrupts the interface of your brain and every thought

Anger is so intense and sometimes becomes one’s identity

It keeps you from doing the things you love with those you love


Anger is a drug and many find it hard to let go of it completely

When someone has hurt you beyond repair anger takes hold

Anger is a dangerous chemical that causes instability

When all you feel is anger there is no room for anything else


Anger is controlling and can be rooted so deep

One can experience anger in extreme when it’s been repressed

Anger is toxic and it wears away your defenses bit by bit

One can feel anger at such a level that they do something horrible


Anger can lose its grip on you if you actively make that choice

It only has the amount of power or fuel that you allow it to

Anger can be defeated if you turn to better feelings and thoughts

It’s hard to let go but the freedom is something you don’t want to miss out on


Anger has a way of bleeding into every aspect of your life

It can destroy relationships and cause confrontation with others

Anger has a claw that will cut so deep and it will strap itself in

It is addictive when you’ve experienced it for so long


I can’t imagine how my life would be if I was no longer angry

Because I’ve been so angry for so long I can’t see what’s normal for me

I can’t imagine the relief I might feel if I let go of my repressed anger

Because I’ve just accepted it as something I’ll always have to deal with


Peace is something I so desperately long for and wish to experience

It would be so strange at first to feel relieved and relaxed

Peace is a desirable feeling that I hope to one day obtain

It would be so crazy to let my anger go and welcome in peace


Is it possible for someone to find peace in their anger?

Can a person feel at peace once they’ve chosen to let it go?

Is it likely that one should experience confusion at first?

Can someone really start fresh with a new outlook on life


Anger will no longer run my life and peace will now reign

I know that with God at my side there is no battle I can’t win

Anger your days are numbered and soon you’ll be evicted

It won’t be easy but the possibility of being anger free is too compelling


Anger it’s time to say goodbye and immediately take your leave

I have no place for you and holding on to you is draining me

Anger it’s exhausting trying to live life with you on my shoulder

I have no desire for you to stick around so beat it you infectious thing


Goodbye anger your time here is done

Hello peace come on in I’ve had the room redone

Goodbye anger you’re blocked from accessing my life

Hello peace welcome to your forever home

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